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When was your last home loan health check?

When was your last home loan health check?

Things can change over time – and your home loan may not always be as ideal for you as it once was.

Getting a home loan health check can show, for example, if you’re currently paying too much.

What happens in a health check?

Your finance broker can run you through a check either in person or over the phone.

Basically, they will work out if your loan is still competitive and right for your personal circumstances.

It’s recommended you get a check at least once a year – or whenever you experience a major change in your personal circumstances.


Things you’ll want checked out:

  • Are you paying a reasonable interest rate?
  • Are you paying too much in fees?
  • Are you getting the features you need – or anything you don’t use?
  • Have your circumstances changed to make a change in home loan required?
  • Are you getting the best service for your money?


A check like this will potentially save you thousands while costing just about nothing.

There could be improvements to be made to applicable features – or a better payment structure to help you keep up with repayments more easily. You could even find yourself with a lower interest rate or an opportunity to take out additional finance.

Please feel free to contact us at OzBroker – our experts can give you a thorough health check of your home loan for FREE.



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